Your Extraordinary Life

Your Extraordinary Life

I went backward for the first five years of my Christian life, because I was taught I COULD NOT live the Bible! I then learned I COULD LIVE the Bible!

Can you imagine starting new believers off with the Holy Spirit? What if the first thing you were taught as a newborn Christian was how to connect easily and daily with the Holy Spirit Who was living inside you, anointing you, empowering you and transforming you!

Repent, be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). REALLY! Wouldn’t it be better if he had said, “You will have eternal life and go to heaven when you die?” Apparently, Peter believed the preferred focus is on the fact that the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, empower us and anoint us (Gal. 5:25). Do you think it’s time we get back to New Testament Christianity?

Every Christian MUST learn to live and walk by the Spirit
Whether you are just born again, or have walked with God for 60 years, the prescribed lifestyle is to live and walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:25). This is possible. It is actually easier than living and walking by the limitations of our brains, which is very stressful.

Our training on “Your Extraordinary Life – A Spiritual Roadmap For Your Brand New Life” explains simply and practically HOW you live and walk by the Spirit. This is a tool you can: 1) give to new Christians at the altar, 2) use for a newcomers’ class and 3) provide as instruction to help growing believers who have had no practical training on how to live and walk by the Spirit.

In these 16 chapters you will be introduced to things it has taken me 40 years to discover. This ensures you are moving in the right directions and pursuing the right objectives in your Christian life. Ok, so let’s jump in and see what you will cover.

God’s voice called me to salvation!
At age 15, I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep and a recurring thought kept flowing through my mind. “If you die tonight, you are not prepared for eternity.” I knew that was the truth, and since I couldn’t shake the thought, I got up, went downstairs and told my parents I wanted to be saved.

So began my walk with God, being called into salvation by the voice of God! Now wouldn’t it be nice if I was then immediately trained in how to listen to and respond to His loving voice on a daily basis?

Instead I was told God no longer spoke, nor did He do miracles, give dreams, heal the sick, cast out demons or raise the dead. I believed these lies for five years, learning error rather than truth, and going backward rather than forward!

Wouldn’t it be better to teach new believers how to live by the Spirit?
Since it is the Spirit who grants us the power to overcome sin and heal the sick and walk in victory, is this not what we should teach young Christians? Since the words Jesus speaks to us are spirit and life, and the flesh profits NOTHING (Jn. 6:63) is not teaching Christians how to live and walk by the Spirit the only thing that will release them from a life of bondage?

Did you know Jesus provided 12 exchanges for you at Calvary?
I sure didn’t. I only knew of one exchange. He took my spiritual death, and gave me spiritual life. That certainly is wonderful, but wouldn’t the other 11 things be important too? Can I even list them? I couldn’t, and therefore these amazing gifts which He sacrificed and died to provide for me were squandered because I didn’t know that they were available to me. In Your Extraordinary Life, we teach you what these 12 exchanges are that Christ made at the cross, so that you can honor them, believe for them and experience them!

We will explore WHAT we received at salvation. This includes…
Lordship: The fact that making Jesus is my Lord frees Him to also be my Savior and save me from all sorts of messes I would otherwise get entangled in.
Power over sin: How to draw upon the power of the indwelling Spirit to overcome sin.
Follow God’s Laws: The truth that God’s laws in the Bible are always my best choice because they free me to experience an abundant lifestyle.
Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The revelation that speaking in tongues energizes my spirit as I speak mysteries to God.
Biblical Meditation: How prayerful, biblical meditation opens me up to receive heartfelt revelation.
Hearing God’s Voice: How to hear from God through two-way journaling.
Dream Interpretation: How to see visions and interpret dreams.
Miracles: How to pray for and receive miracles of healing.
Word Curses: How to remove word curses, unbiblical beliefs and accompanying inner vows.
Lord’s Supper: The power available to you as you take the Lord’s Supper.
Unconditionally Loved: The wonderful truth that I am still passionately loved even when I blow it.
Deliverance: How to set captives free by casting out demons.
Kingdom emotions: How to experience kingdom emotions of joy and peace in the midst of trials.
Witnessing: How to be a witness by seeing what God is doing this very moment, and sharing that with others.
Now don’t you wish you had learned these things during the first couple of months of your Christian life? Imagine where you would be today, if that had happened. Well, you can make it happen for those you introduce to Christ.

This training is not just for new Christians but for growing Christians as well
Jesus declared that He came to give us life – but not just an ordinary life. He wants us to have life abundantly (Jn. 10:10). The Greek word for “abundantly” is amazing in its significance, for according to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, it means “over and above, more than is necessary, super-added, exceedingly, beyond measure, superior, surpassing, remarkable, uncommon, extraordinary!” Jesus came to give you an extraordinary life!

This course will show you many of the incredible promises the Lord has made to His children, and will teach you how to rely on the Holy Spirit to accomplish all He wants to in you and through you. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new believer or if you have been following the Lord for many years – He always has more to show us and more exciting revelations to give to us.

Endorsement by Bill and Sandi Griffin – Co-hosts of The Healing Word
“If there was ever one book to give to new Believers, this is it! Your Extraordinary Life is for the new Believer and even the seasoned theologian! Mark and Patti Virkler have distilled their 30+ years of ministering God’s Love to His people into this 200 page masterpiece. They guide the reader into experiencing the extraordinary abundant life of intimacy with the Source of all Love. Truly an expressway to your brand new life in the Kingdom.”

Testimony from Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark and Patti Virkler have helped countless thousands worldwide on the journey that is Jesus! Learn to drink deeply from the wells of salvation as they share with you how to navigate the path of the highways of Zion that God has placed in your heart (Psalm 84:5), to indeed live Your Extraordinary Life!

Accompanying book for this video training series:

Your Extraordinary Life