Overflow of the Spirit

Overflow of the Spirit

Mark and Charity have teamed up again to create a training series on how to easily manifest the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. It took us several years to break through all the confusion and present a clear, simple understanding of how to release the nine-fold manifestation of the Holy Spirit everywhere you go and with everyone you touch. It is not hard! It can’t be since these are gifts of the Holy Spirit, not things you have to work for.

Most Spirit-filled Christians want to operate in the ninefold manifestation of the Spirit as recorded in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. However, there is little clear teaching as to how to actually do this. There are writers who naturally flow in them and they tell their stories, but there are few practical, step-by-step teachings explaining how you can become skilled in easily operating in all nine manifestation of the Spirit.

This is a “how-to” training. You will come away with a working vocabulary of each of the ninefold manifestation of the Holy Spirit as well as the precise knowledge of how you can release each of them. It is 100% biblical, practical and lineal, carefully leading the Christian into an understanding of how to move comfortably and continuously in releasing the Spirit’s manifestation in any situation they find themselves in.

I have noted that the Bible is written largely in narrative format; it is the story of a man, a family and a nation. So one step I took to find clarity on how the baptism in the Holy Spirit is received was to ask people for their stories of how they experienced it. Many of those testimonies are woven throughout the book and they teach us from real life encounters how other people have experienced Holy Spirit baptism. Through their testimonies, a study of the teaching of other leaders, and biblical research, we arrived at a theological summary of what is required for one to experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit and to operate in expressing the nine-fold manifestation of the Spirit.

Scripture specifically states that Jesus operated in seven of the manifestation of the Spirit and Paul in eight of them, and I strongly suspect Paul operated in all nine. YOU can also, and it is easier than you ever dreamed possible! As a matter of fact, you probably ARE operating in many of them, but have simply not identified them yet.

The lifestyle of honoring the flow of the Holy Spirit Who lives within (Jn. 7:37-39) is much easier than the lifestyle of wrinkling my brow and trying to figure everything out. Christian spirituality is simple. We live like children (Matt. 18:3). We live in playfulness, faith, intuition and gratitude toward the God Who is with us, in us, and providing us with all things (Rom. 8:32).

Learn how to position yourself to connect with the Holy Spirit’s river within continually, overflowing with His gifts in every area of your life!

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Overflow of the Spirit