Take Charge of Your Health

Take Charge of Your Health

God holds the keys to your health. He has woven healing into the very fabric of the universe. Our bodies continually, instinctively heal, cleanse and rebuild. In addition, “God has appointed miracles and gifts of healings” in His church (1 Cor. 12:28). These are to function normally, naturally and continuously.

We are going to explore both miracles and 30 gifts of healings in our recently updated 12-session video series, “Take Charge of Your Health.” Why not accept and apply all the avenues by which the Lord imparts His love, compassion and healing into our lives? Let’s explore God’s keys for health!

My wake-up call came at age 40
Sickness for me was guaranteed because I made a very stupid decision as a teenager. I said, “God gave me an iron-clad body. I will abuse it until it breaks down. Then I will think about health.” Obviously it is much easier to maintain health than it is to restore it once it has broken down so please don’t make the same mistake I did.

By age 40, my digestion had not worked well for 10 years. Every meal left me bloated and tired. I fought colds most of the year. I had arthritis in my knuckles and knee because of the anger I felt toward those who had hurt me.

Thankfully God got my attention before I had blown a gasket and really destroyed something important in my body. I went in for a physical exam and my doctor told me that my triglycerides and cholesterol were so high I was in “maximum risk for coronary disease and a heart attack!” Wow! At age 40! Yikes. It was time to explore health and get serious about it. I did, and I am now a certified naturopath.

Twenty-nine years later – vibrantly healthy!
In many ways, today at age 70 I am still going strong, ever since I took responsibility for my own health. I have great energy allowing me to take bike rides every day with my wife, plus we engage in other healthy exercises. Can I say, “Yahoo!”? I get to play tag with my grandkids, swim with them, and have lots of fun. Is this not heaven on earth?
My exploration of health has been exciting and life-giving, not only for myself but for my children, my grandchildren and the thousands who have followed the teachings I have shared through the nine books I have written on health. Now may I share some nuggets with you?

Fasting has been shown to halt and reverse cancer tumors
Did you know science now confirms that when you fast, your health springs forth speedily (Isa. 58:8)? A 3-day fast, where you consume water only, actually re-boots your immune system. Of course, you also lose weight and your spiritual senses become more attuned, as do your physical senses.

PubMed posts research showing fasting halts and even causes cancer tumors to regress. We give you links and quotes from these articles in the video series.

More good news…
You can reverse aging with a healthy lifestyle.
Your body does not need to degenerate as it ages; it can grow stronger.
God’s prescribed diet in Genesis and Daniel has been proven to be the healthiest.
Healthy food and drinks can taste delicious, if you know where to get them.
Your taste buds will change so you will love and hunger for healthy foods.
You can know when to engage an allopathic doctor and when to go to a naturopath.
You can know the three keys to health and how to put them in practice.
You can learn why it currently takes 75 bowls of spinach to equal the nutrition in 1 bowl of the spinach Popeye ate, and what you need to do about it.
You can know how to shorten your exercise time while getting better results.
You can restore flexibility by using an ART chiropractor.
You can detoxify your entire body with the Master Cleanse and restore health.
How do I know whom to trust?
It takes a while to find trusted advisors in each area of our lives. Over the last 30 years I have found several amazing health advisors, and will introduce you to their free websites where you can access a wealth of trusted information.

How do you know that what you have discovered is true and right?
At age 42, after I had put in my first two years of study in the arena of health, I wrote my first book on the subject, and I remember feeling, “I need to wait until old age to be able to declare, with confidence, that what I have discovered is true. I will need to have proven it in my own body by seeing my own health restored.”

Well now, at 70, I have approached what I then believed to be old age. And my health is better in many ways than it was at age 30, so I have a strong level of confidence in the modalities of health which I share with you. Many have written me with testimonies of improved health after applying truths from my books.

My methodology for discovering what is true concerning health is:

The practice or product must be compatible with Scripture.
There must be some research behind it (not necessarily a double-blind study…and I’ll explain why in the video series).
The product must muscle-test strong for our bodies before we consume it.
We try it for 30 – 90 days and if we experience improved health, we continue it and share it.

This teaching is accompanied by the book:

Take Charge of Your Health